3 May 2018 Steven Heyns

Tips for a smooth wedding reception from a DJs perspective

Tips for Wedding Receptions

Having been to our fair share of weddings, we recommend the following to ensure that your wedding celebration is one that your friends and family will talk about for years to come.


Cut cake AFTER CEREMONY, so guests actually eat it and it provides a talking point/snack whilst you are on your creative shoot.
Hire waiters if the bar is not in the same room, people mill around the bar if not in the same room.
Make sure your MC is not shy or nervous.
Wait for everyone to finish dessert before you do your first dance and open the dance floor. Especially important if your dessert is plated, as everyone will leave the dance floor to eat dessert.
Place the DJ table right in front of the dance floor.


Don’t start the dancing until ALL the meals are done.
Don’t forget to cater for all the suppliers:)


Use a black table cloth for the DJ table, this will hide most of the cables.
Please place the DJ table as close to the dance floor as possible.
We need to place speakers fairly close to the dance floor, as we place them against a wall, please ensure that no tables are in the way.
If you are unsure about your DJ’s requirements in respect of venue layout, please speak to us first.

Steven Heyns

Steven Heyns is a professional Wedding DJ based in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

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