You might be asking yourself “What’s a speech jingle?”.   In short, it’s music played as the speaker is called up to the lecturn to deliver his speech.  The song is faded out the moment the speaker gets to the lecturn.

Speech jingles really break the ice, we recommend that you, as the bridal couple, choose a song for each speaker as you will know what their personalities are like.  There really are no rules when it comes to choosing songs for speeches, as long as it’s fun and vibey.

Here’s some songs chosen for speeches at weddings I’ve played at over the last year.   As you’ll see from the list below, movie theme’s are really popular:)

This song is great for the Father of the Bride as he walks up for his speeach.
Free – All right now

Here’s some popular choices for speech jingles.  Songs from TV series and movies are very popular and feature often at the weddings we play at..

Superman Theme Song

Rembrandts – I’ll be there (Friends theme)

The A-Team theme song

The Godfather theme song

Star Wars Theme

A good solid Guitar intro always works well:)

AC/DC – Back in Black

Jet – Are you gonna be my girl

Blink 182 – Wendy Clear


For reasons unknown, most of our grooms decide to have some fun with their best men, here’s some crackers.

Pinky and the Brain theme song

Everyone’s got that one friend who thinks he’s super sexy:)
LMFAO – Sexy and I know it

Right Said Fred – I’m too sexy

Baywatch Theme 

Pink Panther Theme



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